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While BobaBoard's character search looks through all of AO3's character tags, it responds best to the canonical ones:
  1. Locate a fic tagged with that character, and click the tag.
  2. You will be shown other works tagged with that character. At the top of the page, where it says "Works in [Character Tag]", click the character tag.
  3. You will be taken to an information page with a section titled either 'Mergers' or 'Subtags'. If it's mergers, click the listed synonym and follow the next directions. If it's subtags, click the subtag that matches the character you're thinking of.
  4. The next information page lists various tags associated with the character you clicked. If it seems to be the correct character (you can verify this by clicking 'Works' near the top-right), copy and paste the tag into our character search exactly as it appears.
  5. You can now press add (even if the suggestion doesn't appear), and it should find the character. If it doesn't that's a bug, and you can contact the webmistress to get it fixed :),
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Every purchase is thoroughly tracked and recorded by the RobinBoob Twitter Account. Who needs a distributed ledger when you can have hordes of people screenshotting your tweets as soon as you make them?

Absolutely. Hold on to your lemons, we party like it's 2001 here!

I know, and I'm very ashamed. I literally ran out of time to fix it, and I have too much rightful fear-of-God to attempt to do so on launch day.

Just take it as a tribute to AO3's greatness and never take speedy queries over large datasets for granted ever again.

Figuring out how to automatically get pictures for hundreds of thousands of characters was the biggest adventure in a fairly adventurous project, and deserves its own write up.

Just remember The Programmers' Credo, and believe me: I did my best.

In the meantime, enjoy The Once-ler!

Possibly! Technically, nothing is stopping me. Practically, I haven't tried yet. @ me on Twitter or send me an email, and I'll do my best.

The answer to this and many other questions is "I ran out of time, The Lord has punished me for my hubris."

If there's enough interest, I might keep this open as a general Boba donation hub for longer. The sky is the limit then.

Interest has been confirmed! Subscribe to the BobaBoard newsletter (see footer), and an announcement will pop up soon!